What is the Utah Organized Retail Crime Association

Our Mission

To combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC) through a collaborative effort between law enforcement and retailers in and around the State of Utah.


The Utah Organized Retail Crime Association (UTORCA) was formed in March of 2012 by several retailers and law enforcement agencies along the Wasatch front with the intent to fight the rapidly growing rate of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) in Utah.


UTORCA has now evolved into a highly efficient coalition dedicated to serving Utah businesses and communities impacted by ORC by sharing intelligence, photographs, and surveillance video. With the ability to upload suspect and incident information through the UTORCA website, our members are provided with real time alerts to quickly relay critical information to members. The website also feeds other secure databases that are available for law enforcement analysis.


In addition to communication via the website, UTORCA holds quarterly meetings and training seminars to allow face to face networking and development of investigation strategies in an effort to keep up with changing trends and tactics of ORC groups. Membership is free and members of law enforcement and retail establishments are encouraged to join.


Formerly known as the Metro Retailers Alliance, the organization originated out of Sandy City, Utah as a small networking group of local retailers and law enforcement agencies sharing information about known suspects, criminal incidents, and investigations. As the alliance grew, it merged with other similar groups in the metro area and was successful in identifying and prosecuting several ORC rings operating in Utah and along the I-15 corridor.  Realizing the success, members envisioned a structured regional network that would better utilize available technology. It was envisioned that updated technology coupled with a highly organized coalition of dedicated retailers and law enforcement could be a powerful strategy to neutralize ORC rings.  The website UTORCA.org was created to assist both retailers and law enforcement to more effectively communicate to each other about ORC activity.